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Emergency School Closures or Early Dismissal

over 3 years ago

Emergency School Closures:

Our District Office will place an "all-call" to all of our employees and student families before 7am  advising "School is closed" for the day.  Please make sure your school has your most up-to-date phone number where you can be reached to receive this information.

Also, during days of inclement weather and/or hazardous driving conditions, the determination whether or not to conduct school will be announced over radio stations KFMB (760), KSON (97.3FM), KCQB (1170), KAMP Imperial Valley, B100 (100.7), and possible television channels KGTV, KFMB, KNSD, KUSI, XETV.


Emergency Early Dismissal:

The Superintendent will authorize emergency early dismissal.  The parents, or their emergency designee, shall be notified by phone of the reason and time of dismissal.  If all attempts at contact are unsuccessful, school personnel may be required to release the pupil to a law enforcement agency.  Please make sure your emergency phone numbers are up-to-date.