Volunteer Policy - Updated

At this time, due to public safety and health guidelines, we are unable to have volunteers on campus.

If you are interested in volunteering remotely, please contact your student's teacher or the front office for more information.

Volunteer Policy

4 years ago

Mtn Empire Parent Volunteer Procedures and Guidelines


School volunteers serve under the direction of school staff to meet the needs of students. In order to promote quality education, Mountain Empire Unified School District (MEUSD) has a set of procedures that need to be followed in order for parents to volunteer in our classrooms. These procedures are in place to ensure both the safety of our students and to protect the learning and educational climate in our rooms.


1.     Volunteering in the classroom must be prearranged with your child’s teacher.


2.     Teachers have specific times and days they need volunteers, outside of those times and days, there may not be volunteer opportunities.


3.     Parents must complete a MEUSD Volunteer Application, which is available from any school secretary or at our district office.


4.     As part of the above application, parents must agree to abide by our Volunteer Code of Conduct.


5.     Upon arriving at school to volunteer, please sign in at the office and obtain a volunteer/visitor sticker or badge.


6.     Please remember that parent volunteers may not discipline students, this is a realm that must be handled by teachers and other school employees only. We have a trust factor to keep in mind, parents expect us to take care of discipline, not someone else’s


7.     When you volunteer, you are demonstrating your support for education and our school. Please understand that in academic settings it is important to be able to give your full attention to the task at hand. For this reason, do not bring any children, including siblings, with you when you are volunteering during school hours.


8.     Parents who are volunteering outside of school hours may at times find it necessary to bring siblings to school. Parents must keep their children with them at all times after school hours. Children must be under the parents’ direct supervision and be kept with them at all times.


9.     We ask that parents are mindful of our school dress code when volunteering or visiting classrooms.