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Safety at Lunchtime and Playground

over 3 years ago


  • THE GOLDEN RULE:       Treat people the way you want to be treated (respectful, polite)

~Walk to classroom from the playground.

~At first bell, stop playing, use the bathroom, get a drink, and quietly line up at assigned area.

~Play so that outdoor supervisors can see you at all times.

~The bench area is for reading, schoolwork, eating, or sitting quietly.  Please do not play in this area.

~The bathroom is to be used appropriately and, please, always wash your hands, and pick-up after

   yourself.  The bathroom area is not for horseplay or chasing.  Be Safe.

~Students can only be in classrooms if there is supervision from an employed adult.  Students are not

   to go out to recess unless a supervisor is present. 

~Recess time is a time to relax, use the restroom, get drinks, and enjoy the fresh air.  

~Be Safe, Respectful, Responsible, and Polite to all people.  Take care of each other and have fun.

~Remember to always show Respect and Politeness to all yard supervisors and all adults present.



A.      Eat at assigned tables by grade.

B.      Stay seated during lunch unless excused.

C.     Raise your hand if you need to leave the table for any reason.

D.     Do NOT share or trade food.  Not all students can eat all foods.

E.      Eat using your best manners.  Talk QUIETLY to only those friends near you.

F.      Food to be eaten – not thrown; mixed together; chewed and shown to others.

G.     Pick up your trash after eating – check under the table and chairs.

H.     Pick up additional pieces of trash that might have fallen under or around your table.

I.       NO punching, shoving, hitting, screaming, shouting, playing games, or bad language.

J.      NO playground equipment to be brought to lunch area.

K.      NO hitting or pounding of tables or lunch boxes.

L.      NO running in lunch area.

M.     Wait for your TABLE to be excused by an adult employee.

N.     Make sure that ALL your trash goes into the trash cans.




Passes are required to go to the office unless office is notified by phone or walkie talkie.


1.     Follow directions the first time from the adult on duty.

2.     Physical force of any kind can be considered fighting and may result in suspension.

3.     Students should drink and go to the restroom before the bell.

4.     Use all equipment/apparatus in a safe and appropriate manner; do not jump off any equipment, slide down in sitting position only, swing back and forth only–one at a time–no pushing, take turns; using jump rope as a “helicopter.”

5.     Walk on cement and blacktop.

6.     Balls are not to be kicked on blacktop, and never against the buildings or purposely over the fence.

7.     Do not throw ANY objects. (rocks, sand, acorns, etc.)  (excludes organized games)

8.     No playing in bathrooms – water on floor, wet heads, vandalism, graffiti, food, etc.

9.     Stay out of water – from rain and off ice.

10.   No tag, running, or ball games near playground equipment.

11.   Use balls appropriately. ONLY soccer balls may be kicked.

12.   No play equipment from home may be used at recesses.

13.   Students should wear appropriate footwear and clothing for running, kicking, bending over, hanging from bars, etc.

14.   No climbing trees, rolling in sand, throwing acorns, playing with sticks, rocks, etc.




Keep hands, feet, objects, negative opinions / remarks, and bad language to oneself.

Only school equipment is to be used on the playground. NO  stones, rocks, sticks, leaves, toys, etc.

OFF LIMIT AREAS:   between buildings; in back of rms 5,6,7,8,9,10; area in back of rms 3 and 4 next to preschool, storage tank area;  south of sport field behind trees;

For safety reasons, all classroom doors are to be locked when the teacher is not in the classroom.  


SWINGS:           One person per swing.

                          Sitting only – no standing.

                          No pushing.

                          Back and forth only – no twisting or side-to-side

                         No jumping off.

                         Do not raise swings to a different level.

                         Swing area is for swinging only – no running through, in front of, or back of swings.

                         Count to 100 only if all swings are full.


SANDBOX:       Do not throw sand or roll in sand.

                          Do not mix liquids with sand.

                          Do not destroy each others’ projects.

                          Do not use the sandbox as a walk way.


BARS:               One direction only.

                         Hands only - no hanging by legs.

                         No climbing on top of bars.

                         One student at a time.


SLIDE:              Slide down feet first in sitting position.

                         Slide one at a time.

                         Only one person on ladder at a time.

                         No jumping off slide.

                         No blocking or climbing up the slide.


SPORTS:           Football or baseball during PE only.


NO CONTACT GAMES (chasing, tag)


FOUR SQUARE:    Serve always starts from square A or 4

                         Ball is served by dropping it and serving it underhand from the bounce.

                         If the serve hits a line, the server is out.

                         To begin the game, the server hits the ball to square D or 1.


Player receiving the ball must keep it in play by striking the ball after  it has bounced once in their square.  

They may return the ball from outside of the perimeter to another square with an underhand hit.

Play continues until one player fails to return a hit or commits a foul.

If a player commits a foul, they are out and the first player in line is in.


FOULS:    Failure to hit a ball that bounces into one’s box.

              Playing a ball that has bounced into someone else’s box.

              Hitting the ball out-of-bounds or onto a line.

              Hitting the ball into one’s own box.

              Holding the ball, catching or carrying a return volley.


TETHERBALL:     Players stand on opposite sides of the circle.

                             Players may not step into opponent’s side of court.

                             Players need to wind the cord in the desired direction by hitting the ball

                               with one or both hands, opened or closed.

                             The opponent tries to hit, and wind the approaching ball in the opposite


                             To start the game, the server stands anywhere on their side of the court to hit

                                 the ball.

      FOULS:     The penalty for a foul is the loss of the game.

                        Hitting the ball with any part of the body other than the hands.

                        Catching or holding the ball during play.

                        Touching the pole or rope.

                        Throwing the ball.

                        Stepping on the outer or inner boundaries.

                        Double hits.

                        Touching the pole or rope.

                        Throwing the ball.

                        Stepping on the outer or inner boundaries.

                        Double hits.