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Tardies and Attendance

over 3 years ago

Tardies and Attendance

·  Tardies: 

Students need to be on time to school every day.  If your child is late, please have them report to the office to get an admittance slip before they go to class

Students are considered tardy if they are not physically inside their classroom by 9:15.



Please report absences immediately by calling the school (x500) or District 445-2126 the morning of the absence. All absences must be verified within 48 hours by a direct call or a note signed by a parent/guardian and delivered to the school secretary. Each consecutive day of absence should be called in and verified also.

We request that students not be taken out of school for vacations, day trips, or personal business. It is virtually impossible to make up missed instruction by just completing paper/pencil assignments. (We do understand that issues may come up that may make this unavoidable.)

Attendance policy stipulates that absences can only be excused for the following reason: personal illness, health department quarantine, medical, dental, optometrist or chiropractic appointment; 1 day for in-state or 3 days for out-of-state attendance at a funeral service for an immediate family member; any court ordered appearance such as subpoena, observance of a religious holiday, or attendance at an Attendance Review Hearing (SARB).

Any absences for any reason other than those listed above, is considered unexcused. An absence that is not properly verified will be considered unexcused.  If unsure, please call the school office for clarification on any absence.