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Technology Support
Students can log on to ClassLink to access all of our school computer programs.
Choose Sign in with Google. They will need to enter their school email address which is first name.last name and two digit birth year
- Ex.
The password is their 5 digit lunch number.

If you have difficulties or questions pertaining to the district technology, chromebooks or logging in, please send me an email
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Office Information

about 1 month ago


Office hours - 7:30 - 4:00 

*During school closures you can reach us by calling the school (619) 766-4655 ext. 5501 or by email

Grades TK -6

Transitional Kindergarten = age 5 between Sept 2 - Dec 2

Kindergarten = age 5 on or before Sept 1

Amy Conforth, Principal
(619) 766-4655 ext. 5501

Teri Lederman, Secretary
(619) 766-4655 ext. 5500

Cheri Ippolito, School Counselor
(619) 784-2172

Allison Black, TK and Kindergarten
(760) 527-3284

Meredith Campbell, Kindergarten
(619) 928-2627

Lisa Bowen, 1st Grade
(619) 928-2258

Angie Escherich, 2nd Grade
(619) 535-8880

Alana Snyder, 3rd Grade
(619) 766-4655 ext. 5508

Erica Finsen, 4th Grade

Danielle Kaiser, 5th Grade
(619) 324-9349

Tammy Thorpe, 6th Grade
(619) 363-2285

Nikki Tverberg, Resource Specialist

Karen Ramos, Speech & Language Therapy

Clover Kids Can!

17 days ago

Flexible Seating

Clover students know where and how they learn best!

Whole Brain Teaching

Our teachers use whole brain teaching strategies to increase student engagement!

Visible Learning

Our teachers make learning visible by using Learning Intentions and Success Criteria!


We explicitly teach expected student behaviors. We have a system for rewarding positive behavior. We have a system for discouraging undesirable behavior.

Clover Kid's Gym

We have an indoor gym where students can do yoga, step exercise, hand weights, resistance bands, balance exercises and more!

Clover Care Center

Provides clothing, shoes, care products, and snacks to students in need.

Creating Self-Regulated Learners - Gritty Kids

Our Plan is to teach our students about:

Brain Research - "Your Brain Can Grow"

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset - the power of Yet - "I can't do it...yet."

Mistakes - Mistakes are welcomed here - "Learning = Mistakes"

The Learning Pit - "Challenge is interesting, easy is boring"

The Learner Qualities - "Our Tools"

  • Self-Aware
  • Communicator
  • Assertive
  • Resourceful
  • Grit